43- Mindset- Match your rewards to your goals

-How to link your goals, habits, and rewards together 

What is the last reward you gave yourself? What was that reward and what accomplishment were you rewarding yourself for?
In this episode I will go over the importance of only rewarding yourself when you achieve the big picture goals and why you should refrain from rewarding the things that come easy.

95-Motivation- Habitually master your craft

-how to master any behavior you are working on

Habitually mastering your craft is a simple thing to do if you are willing to go all the way and make the commitment. Are you looking to be the best at what you do or is average ok with you? If you want to be average then you don’t need to listen to this episoe but if you want to go for greatness and I believe you do, then this episode will get you started on that track.
Daily motivation only goes so far if you do not link it with your purpose and then link it with your habits linked to your goal.
In this episode I will show you how to layer your habits interlinked with your goals and break down mastering your daly, weekly, and monthly actions to an attainable number. In 1 year breaking this down properly you can perform any task or action well over 10,000 times on your way to mastery in whatever you choose. It is simple math.

94-Weakness Into Strength- How to turn your weak points into your greatest strengths

In this weakness into strength episode you will learn how to identify your weak points and turn them into major strengths towards accomplishing your goals. 

Weakness is only in your mind. In this episode I will show you not just how to identify weak areas you may not see but how to turn those weak areas into major strengths.
We all have weak points we need to work on but most of us never take the time to admit to them and make a plan of attack to get better in those areas of our lifes.
I will give you my story through overcoming some of my major weaknesses and my top 5 steps to breaking through any barrier starting today.

2- Self help series- part 2 – seting your top 5 health goals

In this self help series you will learn how to Set your Self help top 5 health goals today. In this episode I will go over my top 5 goals from 2 years ago and today. I will show you how I went through the process to not just get physically healthy but mentally healthy and how this helped me to accomplish the other life goals I had set.
Whether you are looking to compete or start a new business or just clean up your physical health this episode will help get you going and thinking on the right path.
The most important in your self help healthy journey is to just get started and take action today.


The Chris san rocco leadership podcast- part 2 set for success

The importance of your daily actions can either make or break you when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Ask yourself if you are closer or farther away from your goals and why ?
I believe success lies in our daily habits and what we do everyday good or bad.
In this episode I discuss replacing bad with good habits and how you can literally predice the furure once you understand how to set your daily habits for success.

38- Be Relentless

I want you to sit back and think about when you were experiencing massive success in any area of your life? What did if feel like? What were the things you were doing to achieve that success? Are you still experiencing that success or have things slowed down?
In this episode I will go over the MAJOR mistakes I made when it came to momentum, growth, and slowing down as well as my BIGGEST mistake and the lesson I learned that completely transformed this mistake into the fuel it took to make the neccessary changes!

75- Heighten your awareness

Is there something you would like to change in your life? Finances, health, relationshiops, or maybe you have found yourself in a fog you cannot get out of? If this sounds like you then this episode will be a game changer ! I was living in a fog for years and I will tell you how I broke out of this and what I found that worked !


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The fortune is in the follow up

In this episode we discuss the follow up. Why should you become obsessed with following up? Following up is an art that most people don’t practice. How many times have you followed up with a prospect? 1? 2? 3? Most ask 1-2x and then give up. Learn why %60 of people make a decision after 5-6 attempts.

What is a leader – Part 4 – Passion

Passion is what drives all of us. Do you know what your passion actually is? Not your hobby or what you do for fun, but what really moves you that you could see yourself doing over the next 10 years ? How about for the rest of your life? If you are living your passion congratulations, but if you are like alot of people you are not. Now is the time to figure out your passion so everything you do everyday can build to that and one day you can be living your passion to the fullest.
In this episode I will go over a 5 step Passion Test for you to take to help guide you to discovering your true passion.
– My Motivation My Mind

You Become What You Think About

Where the mind goes the body follows. What are you allowing into your mind everyday and more importantly how are you reacting to situations throughout the day.
Did you know we have an average of 100 negative thoughts a day . How many of them can you control ? All of them!!!!
In this episode I will go over a few practices to start today to beat the negativity and put yourself in a positive mindset for the day. This will lead to more productivity and eliminating the negative thoughts and energy that comes from that toxic way of thinking.

episode 18

What People Are Really Telling You

Body language, tonality, and the unspoken language we all convey with what we “Don’t Say”.
Wouldn’t it be nice to know what is actually being said to you when you are dealing with a new client, prospect, or in a personal situation? How much better could you handle the situation and better control the outcome ?
In this episode we will tell you how to read these signals and get better and controling your own reactions and body language and unspoken language.

episode 17

How I Read 2 500 Page Books A Week FAST

Do you know the importance of reading but struggle to finish a book ? Are you struggling to retain what you have just read which is preventing you from getting the value of the book?
I struggled with this for years until I found this amazing skill by accident.
In this episode I will show you how I went from 1/2 a book a month to an average of 6-8 500+ page books a month.

episode 16

What Is It You Desire?

What moves you ? What is your burning desire? What internal force is driving you to reach new heights and accomplish every goal you set for yoursel?
In this episode I will show you how to find that desire and start to think about what it is that would move you to keep going when money and materialistic things are not a factor.

episode 15

Be Like The Tortoise And The Hare

What are your goals and are you doing consistent actions everyday to achieve them? If not then you have to get started now today don’t wait any longer or put it off one more day.
In this episode I will give you the plan to get there and do it a little it everyday.

episode 14

Auto suggestion: You are what you think about everyday

What are you thinking about everyday? Did you know that you have the power within you right now to re program your thinking patterns. When you learn this practice it can be applied to any area of your life to accomplish all of your goals.
Lose the weight, get the promotion, recruit the person, make the 50,000 extra this year you have been wanting to acquire.
In this episode I will show you how to unlock your mind using the power of auto suggestion.

episode 13

Are you stronger then an ANT?

Do you feel weak mentally or physically? How do you summon strength when you feel you don’t have any? What are you going to do to get through your next challenge?
In this episode I will show you how to summon that strength when you need it most and how to get through any challenge life throws at you.

episode 12

What are you so afraid of?


The new job, the promotion, starting the new business, talking to your family, going back to the gym, these are all things we are constantly thinking about in our everyday lives.

Fear as the power to take over our mind and body if we allow it to. Use your fears as fuel to achieve your goals.
Don’t let a negative situation or something that is bothering you ruin your day or your mindset.
In this epsisode we will teach you how to not just overcome your fears but to see them as great challenges to overcome.

episode 11

Gratitude: Do you really know what you are thankful for?

Do you find yourself comparing to what others have? Do you scroll through social media and wish you had what the people in the pictures have?
We all have the voices in our heads when it comes to comparison and jealousy but with a solid gratitude routine in place you will eliminate these temptations and stay focused on your goals.
In this episode we teach you how to set up a 10 min a day gratitude practice that will set your day on the right track and allow you to look at things differently then you did before.