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Young strong woman sailing the boat

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Good morning, and welcome to my motivation my mindset welcome to the podcast. We have a great episode and store for you here today before we get into that. I just want to welcome you I want to say thank you for being here. Thank you for taking time out of your busy. Day, if you are a continued supporter of all of our podcasts, thank you your shares your likes. Your comments are literally what fuels us and what helps us grow and helps us build if you’re here for the first time. I want to welcome you.


I want to congratulate you for taking the first step. Whatever your goals are Health success Fitness wealth, whatever you were looking for. You’re on the right path. You’ve taken the first step continue that stick with that and subscribe. You can subscribe above or below. I’ll get Alex. This to all of our episodes get notified when new episodes are out. We are all one big Mastermind group here. We’re all in the same Journey. We’re all looking for the big picture goals. I believe if you’re listening to this podcast and we all help each other to get there and we all support each other on our way to get there a few new things before we get into the episode.


We just started and launched our leadership podcast. We are soft launched a strictly self-help podcast and we’re working on a series of books right now as well. Which will be starting to come out within the next six to eight weeks give or take. So again, the reason I tell you this is to not just share the vision but to say thank you because of your support because of how we’re growing. We have been given the opportunity to do these things, and I appreciate that.


I appreciate the opportunity to reach more people to impact more people and to share with more people as well as to learn and grow. So thank you for that. We could not have done that. I could not have done that without you. And that’s go ahead today. Let’s go ahead and get into the episode here today. This is an exciting episode for me. This is an episode that I have really been wanting to do. And as always before we get into this on this podcast, we keep everything 10 to 15 minutes. I’ll get in get short bursts of of a motivation get uplifted get what you need and then do the most important thing get out and take action get out and start doing the things you need to do that reap the rewards.


That gets you to the success that help you figure out what you’re doing, right and what you’re doing wrong. The only way to do that is to take action. We say this in all of our podcasts almost in every single episode because it is the single most important thing knowledge is great learning is great planning is fantastic, but getting out there and taking action is really all that matters. If you don’t do that, then all the other things don’t fall into place. So that’s going to end the episode here today. The topic of today is called work on your weakness the episode. Is work on your weakness.


Now how many people like to admit that they have a weakness how many people like to admit things? They’re not good at how many people like to admit something that you may not be as good as the other guy or the other girl. I mean how many of us I know I certainly don’t and I know I certainly didn’t like to admit that I had weaknesses and anything necessarily I wanted to be the best at everything. I didn’t care what it was I could learn it because I’d be willing to work harder than most people would be willing to work. But at the same time though, we all have weaknesses. We all have things that were not That great at we all things that we need to work on and most importantly we all have things that we need to get better at and that we can get better at and as we always say we’re always growing we’re always learning.


We’re always in that growth State always open to learning always open to New Opportunities, and that’s not a place that I was always at. That’s not a mental place that I was always at all especially over the last I don’t know 10 years give or take up to about I’d say 2 to 3 years ago when my mindset really started to open up even more and I started to Not just be open that I had things to work on in needed to work on but I really understood that man. I should always be looking to grow I should always be looking to learn I should never be stopping this and I can use everything as a new opportunity.


I can use everything to grow and learn from and my weaknesses are great because that shows me what I need to work on and because that’s that’s being revealed to me. I can put that much more time into those weaknesses so I can turn them from week and to strength and then because I’m putting all that work in. I can take that weakness and turn it into a strength one before I would probably just put it on the back burner or I wouldn’t really work on it at all for one simple reason. I didn’t really want to face the fact that I had a weakness at all. But when you do face those weaknesses for anyone who has gone through this or anyone who is learning something new or or is challenging something and is figuring it out what how good does it feel once you get through it and once you start to develop those skills and once you get better and once you get better, it feels fantastic and then because you did it one time now.


You’re seeking to kind of improve on all of your weaknesses and not saying anybody has any specific weaknesses, but I know I had multiple Witnesses. I still have weaknesses. I will always have weaknesses but I’m happy not just to be able to admit that but I’m happy that that’s something now that I can work on that something that I can consciously work on consciously get better at and if you just do a little bit every single day you work a little bit every single day on your weakness eventually over time that will become your strength. Now this isn’t something most people do So ask yourself.


What is one thing that you would be? Okay never doing again. Seriously. What is one thing you would be? Okay, never doing it again. What is one thing that you might get up? Maybe it’s your business. Maybe it’s your personal life. Maybe it’s your health whatever it is. But what is that one thing you’re like, I don’t want to do this. I do not want to go do this. I will do anything to not do this. And what is that one thing that we’ve all been there and we’ve all done this and will continue to do this. You just have to get better without one thing. How much do you do throughout the day to like I have to go do it seriously does just use the gym for for an easy example.


How many times have you gone through your day? Maybe you go after work. Maybe you go in the morning and you just don’t want to go so what do you do you get up in the morning? And you know, I don’t really feel that great. Well, you know, I don’t really have that much time. I’m only going to have about 45 minutes and I know I need to be in there for an hour and a half. So what’s the point? I mean, you know what I’ll do tell you what I’ll go tomorrow and I’ll go double the time tomorrow or I’ll go the next day. And I’ll go double the time. I just don’t want to go today now because you didn’t go what happens tomorrow.


What happens the next day you don’t end up going because you didn’t go before and that pattern starts to form. And then what was was what was a small thing? If you would have pushed through you would still keep your momentum, then you lost your momentum and going to the gym. So who knows how long that will go for for me that’s gone for two weeks for two months sometimes. I mean, I mean sometimes longer than that seriously just because of one day and then two days and then three He’s in four days. Now. This is it’s a constant process. I mean think about this you need to wake up every day. You need to eat food to live.


Correct? Yes. You need to eat food. You need to make money you need to survive. Now. Why would taking care of your body be any different? I mean why we going to the gym be any different? Why would building your business be any different? Why would growing be any different? I mean, it’s not any different. It’s just some of these things end up being easier for us not to do does that make sense? Like like some things are easy to do but there way easier not to do and those things that are way easier not to do that. You’re not necessarily seeing any positive or negative changes right now make it that much easier.


But then what happens all of a sudden? Oh my gosh. It’s been a year or in my case. Oh my gosh. It’s been like over a decade Chris. You’re over 40 pounds, like you’re 40 pounds overweight. You’re not super healthy. What happened? You used to be healthy what happened over this time and that occurs in the blink of an eye. I mean that five years as the blink of an eye that 10 years is the bling. Nine, and I wish I would have taken the time and learned and not just learn but applied what I was learning and just kept going that’s it. Just kept going. I mean things in life are going to slow down they’ll speed up there will be down times.


There will be up times. The whole trick is though just keep going. Okay, just keep pushing forward. Think about a time that you stop doing anything. Okay. Think about a time that maybe you stopped working on your weakness and you stopped building and growing and this could even be a new business you started not that it’s a weakness necessarily, but it’s something brand-new that you started to business you started Maybe. You didn’t finish. Maybe you didn’t go all the way maybe you stop for whatever reason now how hard was it to get restarted? And now that weakness that when you started, you know, you were just getting started. You were maybe a little bit weak. Now that has grown to like this massive handicapped almost to where you can’t even imagine getting back started.


You can’t imagine stepping foot in that gym because of the 10 years because of all the time that’s passed in all of those tomorrow’s and all of those I’ll do more tomorrow and I’ll catch up and I’ll do that have now compounded over who knows how long but One month is enough. You know what I’m saying? Like like two weeks is enough to take you out for two years. If you let it seriously two weeks is enough to take you out for two years. Yes or no. I mean whoever’s been through this whoever’s going through this now. Yes, that is how it happened. So what do you do to stop this?


Okay, that one thing that you don’t want to do going to the gym that one thing that’s the one thing you need to do right now. That’s the one thing you need to go do that’s the thing. Now this may take you a little bit of time. That’s the one thing you should get up and do. First here’s why right when you get up the first thing you do after you brush your teeth after you eat or whatever you have to do. That’s the first thing you need to do. That’s when you’re the sharpest s you’re the most focused and that’s when you can get it done because I promise you as you go throughout that day every little thing now that gets in your way you’ll use that as an excuse to not go do what you need to do.


Yes or no to not go to the gym to not do that thing to not go talk to that person to not focus on that business. That’s just the way it goes and that’s not abnormal and you’re not weak or wrong. That that is normal that is like a human thing. That is what the majority does the trick is to figure out a way to not have to deal with that. What I found personally is the first things I do in the morning or the things I don’t want to do that’s making the phone calls. I don’t want to make that’s doing the cardio that I never really want to do but I always love doing when it’s over but those are the things I do first.


I call that my momentum you can call that your power our whatever you want to call that but those are my momentum generators. That’s my productivity in the morning because that’s like all me. Me that’s not me talking to people in my team or my partners or anything like that, right? That’s my production. That’s my time to get up set my morning set my day and get cardio to make those phone calls go to the gym. Do all of those things that I know for a fact if I let more time pass if I let a few hours pass I have too much going on throughout the day after that. I’ll never get to them.


I’ll never get it done and it took me a few weeks in a few months of not getting things done on a consistent level to really figure this out and not just Out but to feel it and believe it and once you can feel it and believe it that’s when you can really start to make the changes. So think about that. Okay, that’s the one thing you should do. Now the things that come easy to you or that you have the most talent in that’s not necessarily what will get you to the next level and I don’t want to tell you not to do what you’re talented and of course do that. But think about that what comes easy to you? I mean whatever comes easy is easy.


Like you can do that on autopilot. You want to get ahead right? Maybe you’re super talented and certain things use that to your advantage. Okay, do those things on autopilot? Like you can like, you know, you can do maybe at your job maybe at your business you’ve had for a while. Maybe it’s even the gym and your health you do this on autopilot. You figured it out. You have a system do that on autopilot, but now don’t just use that accomplishment every day to not focus on the things your weekend. Don’t just say, wow. I’m strong in this so I don’t need to do this. Look at it this way. Maybe some people aren’t strong in any of the things and they have to work extra hard you’re talented and these areas that’s fantastic do those on autopilot, but now step it up and now focus on what you’re weak on now focus on your weakness.


That’s how you can really get yourself ahead. When you focus on the things that come super easy. It won’t necessarily push you to the next level because you’re not getting those senses of accomplishment because it comes so easy to you. Think about anything that comes easy anything that comes easy is not always worth it 100% And guys were going to get into five steps five steps to working on your weakness soon as we come back from this break and now back to Chris Saint Rocco entrepreneur.


Motivational speaker in creator of the thou shall succeed podcast make sure you subscribe to this podcast and visit us at Chris Saint Okay, the five steps five steps to working on your weakness. We’re going to go through these quick here step number one identify. What are your weak points now can this be difficult for some people? Yes was this difficult for me 100% Yes.


This took me a while to do and as I was writing out my weak points, I wasn’t really writing weak points. I was writing like sort of have strengths but I wasn’t identifying things as being weak. I wasn’t identifying areas. I needed to work in like for instance when it came to talking to people and getting out there like like I’m scared to talk to people. I’m nervous to talk to people. I’m nervous to present my business. I’m nervous to do this see before it was like well I should maybe talk to a couple more people but really in reality. I wasn’t talking to anybody does this make sense now when this comes to the gym same principle applied and I’m going to use my example again.


My my example was well, maybe I should go to the gym a little bit more instead of I’m afraid to go into the gym because of how unhealthy I realize I’ve gotten and I’m embarrassed and I don’t want to step foot in the gym because of my embarrassment and I No, I’m not where I used to be. Does that make sense? So you don’t have to be that hard on yourself? I’m just giving you some examples but identify what your weak points are and just be honest with yourself because the the faster you’re honest with yourself the faster you can line this up with figuring out what you have to work on what you need to do align it with your goals and your habits and your vision the faster you’ll get to where you need to get to number to practice and repeat daily work on that one thing.


You don’t want to do first practice it daily do it every day be consistent. It won’t be super easy at first it’s not supposed to be right. That’s why it’s challenging. That’s It’s a weakness not supposed to be easy at first but it will get easier the more you do it. I can tell you one thing as well. It will never get easier. If you never do it. Does that make sense? Like it will never get easier if you never do it. If you never attempt it, if you never tried if you never do it, if you never push forward, then it will never get easier and it will just continue to build to the point where eventually new may never have the strength to break through and do that.


And you know, God forbid you get to that point. That’s not let you get there number three. I don’t let the weakness hold you back. I mean seriously, don’t let it hold you back. Don’t let it weigh you down. Down forget about a building up into a huge roadblock. Don’t let this like hold on you and weigh you down. I mean every single day if you’re thinking about something you should do and you’re not doing it 100% That’s what you need to do. Like, it’s not just weighing on your mind. It’s Weighing on your heart. That’s what you need to be doing. If you’re thinking about it every day, if you’re not thinking about it every day, then really you don’t care that much and if you don’t care that much you’re not feeling it you’re not believing it.


So why would you go do that number four remember this and this isn’t a rationalization necessarily, but just just to just to Humanize this we all have weak points from the most successful to the least successful to whoever everybody has internal struggles. Everybody has weak points. Everybody’s going through something does not matter how they look on the outside guys. We all have ups and downs. We all have weak points. So just so remember that so don’t come to hard down on yourself. Like I would do on myself. Like I can’t believe this I should be doing this and I know I’m better and blah blah blah and then I would use all that right to like to like sink me down lower and I would use that as excuses to not push.


Forward to not climb out to not do anything. I would continue to use that so don’t be like me and don’t use those excuses and just remember everyone’s going through. This is just about the people that that are strong enough to push forward to put one foot in front of the other and to keep moving on and then number five as always one of my mentors told me this a long time ago continues say grow through your weakness. You should always be growing through your weakness 100% You should grow through your weakness grown to your experiences growth to your opportunities grow through your success.


But most importantly in my opinion some of the fastest growth is when you tackle a challenge is when you tackle something you’re not strong and is when you accomplish something that you didn’t think you could do, but then you do it and you’re like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe I did that and guess what? It wasn’t really that difficult at all like man now. Hmm. Now I have the fuel now. I have the ammunition to go take on the next thing and guess what that next thing will be a little bit bigger than the last thing and then that next thing will be a little bit bigger and a little bit bigger, but you’ve got to get you got to get over that first hurdle.


On that first Turtle right now is small but to you it might be gigantic. That’s okay. Remember on the other side of that hurdle is what right on the other side of there is achievement right on the other side of there is Success no matter how big or small to everybody else. It doesn’t matter because to you you got over that hurdle. So let me tell you how big it’s going. It’s going to be gigantic gigantic success gigantic achievement and then you’ll go on to the next one on to the next one and you’ll continue to climb in your continue to build now before we go. I’m going to leave you with this a major weak point for me. Okay, believe it or not.


Public speaking. It was a major weak point for the longest time. I never wanted to get in front of the room. I never wanted to to to go up and speak. I got involved in in something where I was sort of forced to do it like forced in a good way. But I never wanted to do it. I would get scared. I would be mentally upset. I had to I had a lot of anxiety a lot of self consciousness, but but let me tell you this once I started to do it. Now. The first few times were easy, the next few times weren’t easy and public speaking for me didn’t get Z until I don’t know that say about six months and maybe nine months in and then it got a little bit easier and a little bit easier every single time.


But the point is if I would have not done that if I would have not pushed myself forward through that then I would have never gotten to to feel man. This is awesome. Like this feels great. Like this is something I actually thoroughly enjoy I would have never realized that and I would have never been able to realize that and that would have continued to be such a major roadblock for me and such a challenge for me. I can tell you I would have never gotten over that hump I would have Never gotten over that challenge. So if I’d have let that perceived fear, right Gus here doesn’t exist. But if I would have let that perceived fear take over me, I would have never broke through that ever and because I was able to do that and I was pushed to do that and I continue to do that and stay consistent with it.


It just gave me that much more confidence and motivation. So guys you can do this in anything you’re looking to do ask yourself. What is the one thing? I’m most afraid of what am I going to do about it? Right and am I going to let that perceived fear take over me or will I? I use it as fuel to rise to the challenge. We don’t grow when we do what comes easy we grow when we do what doesn’t Okay, and guys, I’m going to leave you with this right here Walt Disney Walt Disney story. It said that Walt Disney was rejected about three hundred and two times. So a little over 300 times before he was able to get funding for Walt Disney World.


Think about that Gone With the Wind rejected by 38 Publishers before it got picked up and Gone With the Wind. I mean, these are things that right now everyone’s like, oh my gosh Disney World like Gone With the Wind. Yeah, but Had to go through these things. They had to go through their own ups and downs. And do you think after the first time second time third time fourth time Fifth and I mean, oh my gosh. Think about that. Think about that. Just think about the gym if you went to the gym right for 10 times 20 times 30 times 40 times and every time you went you’ve felt this massive resistance this massive challenge, you were never growing never gaining doing everything wrong.


And then the 300 time you went. Boom everything fell into place and felt great. And you had Success With It. I mean how many people would stick through that long doing that much? So I just want you to use that I think about that that story really stuck with me. And now you see Disney World. I mean Disney World is like Disney World. I mean Disney World has its own is this whole own system. Do you know what I mean? Like Disney World has its own world literally, but it started by by someone continually pushing forward by someone continually taking those nose taking that rejection probably going back and and thinking man is this going to work will this work dealing with all that doubt?


But continuing to work forward and taking all that weakness taking on that perceived fear using that as fuel to push forward and now we all love Disney World of course and we will continue log Disney World as it is but can you imagine if Walt Disney wouldn’t if Walt Disney would have maybe stopped after the third or fourth time maybe the tenth time maybe the 20th time maybe the maybe like the 30th time he was like, you know what this definitely isn’t gonna work 30 people have told me no there’s no way I’m going to do this I mean come on I mean Disney Worlds such a great thing now, but we would have Maybe never had that if he wouldn’t have gone forward so not to get too deep with this.


But how many people in your life need you to push forward need you to get to that next level need you right to have that success because they’re watching you they’re watching what you do. And as soon as you do it that will give them the motivation they need to do it as well. And guys again, I want to thank you for being here as always. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your support your shares. Please continue to listen continue to share and as we said in the beginning, we just launched our leadership podcast. We are getting ready to launch our Lee self-help podcast and we’re working on that first series of books. So you’ll be the first to know when all of that is ready over this next four weeks to eight weeks give or take as we get all these final things done with that being said as always.


Thank you for being here. Thank you for listening, and I will talk to you in the next episode. Thank you. You are worth it personal development mindset empowerment and mental health is our passion in the focus of this podcast. Chris Saint Rocco is an entrepreneur speaker and blogger, please visit Chris Saint to take advantage of the worth it community and leave feedback on the value you are getting from this podcast. We truly value your feedback.


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