The Right Amount of Pressure

Judge gavel and a blood pressure gauge on a wooden desk

Success does not happen over night and if you are in the mindset of instant success then you may be in for major disappointment .

For years I had started something- went all in – then the energy died down because my master plan did not add up in 3 6 9 12 months !  I was not giving myself the necessary timeline or a realistic timeline to get the goal done.

What I found was I was trying to max out every avenue after only being started in something for a few months .

This would cause me to mentally check out after a few months because the level I was planning on was at a level I would be at in a few years not months and I would experience very low lows because I did not hit the levels I thought I should be at .


Build one brick one step at a time and just keep going and keep moving forward and each piece of the castle will form as you go .

Rome was not built in a day yes or no ?

So why are you putting yourself in so much pressure ???

The right amount of pressure…

  • This is something up for debate as you can really take it either way but for the sake of this episode the right amount of pressure is whatever makes you slightly uncomfortable consistently

The sweet spot is …. 

“Be happy now , driven and focused on your goals , and daily motivation on the climb so you can build the necessary momentum to break through ! “

How many of you are like this or how many of you fell victim to the pressure cooker like me ?

Take action and RE BALANCE TODAY

Re balance the amount of pressure you are putting on yourself and focus more on the long term goal .

Remember these are your goals and this is your  life so plan accordingly, be happy , enjoy life , and make hitting your goals more fun then work !

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