Looking Behind Your Fear

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If you are anything like I was you are driven focused and know what you want to accomplish but a part of you is afraid .
What are you so afraid ?
Are you afraid of too much success, no no success, or are you afraid you will be simply be misunderstood or made fun of ?
Fear can be a very toxic feeling and it has the power to render you motionless mentally and physically !

Technically fear does not exist but we will get into that in later posts but for now hold the thought that fear does not exist the next time you are experiencing this feeling.

Fear is ….
To be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening

Are you currently living in fear ?
Are you wanting to do something but keep being held back by something or someone or the voices in your own head ?
Don’t worry you are not alone and it is normal to feel this way especially when you are wanting to do something amazing that most do not even think about let alone attempt yes or no ?

I tried to beat fear for the longest time with little to no success but temporary mini fixes that only lasted for so long and then the fear and anxiety came rushing back almost stronger then it previously was ! Or at least that is how it felt for me .
Is anyone else like me ?

I have always asked myself how do I get rid of this and feel normal and after many (medications ), alcohol, and other rock bottoms of despair this is what I came up with That worked for me.

How do you shed yourself of yours fear and seriously LOOK BEHIND THE CURTAIN ?
It is not the easiest thing to face your perceived fears but it is necessary and %100 worth it .

Step 1: admit that you are afraid of something
Step 2: write out exactly what that is
Step 3: now ask yourself is this what is causing me to feel thus way or is something behind it ?
Step 4: keep peeling away the layers until you truly get to the root cause of the fear.

Sometimes you get to the root on the first or 2nd layer but other times if you really work through this you may realize that what you initially thought scared you was not the root of your issue but it was way deeper.

Take the time to sit down and really be honest with yourself here .
This is the time for self realization and by not being truthful with yourself remember you are only going to hurt yourself and your progress.

”Everyone is fighting their own personal battles but you can win and stay above your fears if you practice and put in the work .”

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