Fluff Vs. Action – Are you doing what needs done ?

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Okay guys so make sure you are sticking to your goals.  Make sure you’re sticking to your plans and what you want to accomplish and ask yourself have you thrown in a lot of extra stuff to avoid doing the one action step?   Are you doing the steps that it took you to get to where you’re at now?

Are you doing those important things like with me like we just discussed when I would start to make cold calls I would plan everything out I would have the calls ready I would have the budget and this and that but I found myself only making a few calls and then I hang up when someone answered !   I wasn’t the doing the action but I was planning everything else around it so I was getting myself a lot of busy work to do.    I wasn’t actually doing the one thing it took to grow the business!


I would sit down and look at it and really be honest with myself because here’s the thing if you’re not honest with yourself  you are only going to cause yourself pain.   I mean you’re not really going to hurt me and you know you’re not going to hurt anybody else.   I say this but you’re only literally hurting yourself taking inventory and being honest you’re only hurting yourself by not doing these steps.

 I’m going to say nobody else cares!

 I would be sort of concerned with what people would think if I made changes and for whatever reason I felt that way and I built that up.    Once I was able to realize that no one cared how I thought they did it made the rest easier and everything started to align.

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