Do more when times are good


I was at a leadership event a few days ago and the gentlemen giving a testimonial was bound to a hospital bed and he was able to hit s big position from his hospital bed.   How about wethat ?  I mean wow right !?

This really moved me to see him and hear his story but what it really did was awaken in me just how important it is to not just gain momentum but ensure you never lose momentum .

How do you make sure to not lose momentum ?   You have to get in the mindset of doing what is most important to your production.  Remember what it took to get you where you are at and keep doing that.

A few times in my life I can remember when I would get things set up for a business, hit a few first goals, then I would back off because things were going good.  It is easy for me to see where I went wrong now looking back but it was not at the time.

How many of us are doing this right now and how do you change ?

It is easy and you can start right now to change this and here’s how …

Look at your business and ask yourself are you still st a high production level or have you backed off because of some success .

Once you identify this the rest becomes easy because you can adjust and add in the neccessary action steps .

By going back to basics even when times are good you are ensuring good habits snd consistent production in good or bad times you will keep moving ahead no matter what the market does.   Does this make sense ?

This doesn’t just apply to business you can apply this to finances, personal life, relationships, health, etc.

Take the time to look at your production and if you are not still operating at a high level then make the change today and get back on track.

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