The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

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I used to hear this and not fully grasp the concept.  It sounded good when I would hear people say it but I never took it to heart .

When I started following up with people is when I started to grow .

It only takes a few seconds to txt a prospect or a potential client for your business .

Check in with them .

I’m just touching base how are things ?  Have you given any more thought to what we discussed ?

Become a follow up machine !

A no is not a no forever .

Did you know that %60 of people who say no say yes on the 5-6 th try ! That is huge !

How many of us stopped after 1 or 2 x maximum ?  I think we all have . If someone does not tell you no!!! Leave me alone !! Then they are still considering it .

I like to put people who show Interest into a weekly email or Newsletter to update them on the business , the weekly meeting , as this is a great way to stay in touch with them and keep the prospect warm .

The most important skill to develop is the ability to follow up until you get a hard NO .

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