What is a leader – Part 4 – Finding your true passion

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“Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”

Does your passion show ?  Meaning do people know what your passion is ?  Do you live your passion ?  Is everything you do guided to that passion ?  If not ask yourself why !

Find your passion test :

1. What moves you ?

2. What do you strive to be doing other then your job ?

3. If money was not an issue what would you do everyday ?

4. What can you see yourself doing for the next decade at least ?

5. What do you think about most throughout the day ?

“If you can’t figure out your purpose , figure out your passion, for your passion will lead you right to your purpose .”

Your passion may be hidden and you may have to search for it .  This can be done with some work and practice .

What excites you when going through your day ?

Example: I love to read and meet new people .

How do your daily actions relate to your passion ?  Do they relate at all ?

Passion power hour

If not then set up an hour a day starting today to focus solely on your passion .

Practice something that moves you every day for a solid 60 min a day and grow your passion .

Maybe your passion is hidden because you’ve been like me unfocused lately or the habits you’ve developed amd the crowd you are hanging with may have unknowingly numbed your mind .

Be careful of the energy you let around you as you will become what is closest to you .

You need a clear head and focus to discover your true passion .

Harmonious Vs. obsessive passion

Harmonious passion means you may be passionate about something but can stop the action if it becomes destructive or negative .

Obsessive passion means you can find yourself in the position of experiencing an uncontrollable urge to partake in the activity you find enjoyable and pleasurable.

Once you find your passion and you sit down with yourself to reflect on this you can then start to develop of balance between the 2 types above .

Harmonious and obsessive is the winning formula .

As long as it’s ethical and moral and you aren’t hurting anyone or yourself then be obsessed with your passion but also be aware that if things go to far and turn negative you will be able to walk away or re channel your passion to something else .

It may take a little time to find what moves you and that may change as you go through out your life .

What I was passionate about at age 18 (cars, clothes, fast money), is not what I was passionate about at age 25 (stability, more fast money and owning nightclubs), and is not what I’m passionate about today at age 34 (financial independence ,health mental and physical, and helping people).

My passion has changed as I have changed and grew and matured .

If you are lucky enough to have your passion figured out now that is fantastic .

If you are like me and you aren’t sure or you feel passionate about a few things that’s ok too .  Write them all down and think on each one .

Remember you don’t have to pick just one but pick at least one to get your mindset focused on and start the process .

Your passion is in there you just have to take the time to bring it out .

We all have something great within us .  What are you going to uncover when you search for yours ?   Helping others, business, animals, traveling , the possibilities are endless .

Whatever you find and choose focus on will become successful if you give it enough time and consistency .

Journal this and take 30 min in a quiet place to really look inside yourself to find what moves you .

You just have to start the process and the rest will keep coming as you keep putting in the work .

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