What People Are Really Telling You

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The best way to predict your future is to create it !

Whatever profession you are in or whatever your goals are the ability to predict the outcome of an encounter or a sale comes from practice and observation .

Observe the encounter , how you talk, how you sound , facial expressions , TONALITY, body language .

Every thing you do and what works / what does not work .

Become obsessed with what you are doing almost crazy and a fanatic !

Don’t worry about what is socially normal or what everyone thinks about what you are doing .

Be happy with what you have ?

That will never work !

Don’t you want to take a break and relax ?

We all hear these things from people close to us everyday yes or no ?

It is your job to tune out that white noise and drive hard to your goals and how do you do that ?

By learning what makes people do what they do and act how they act .

What makes humans do what they do ?

Consequences and rewards

What causes one person to excel and another to under perform ?

How do you get the most from your team , employees, children, peers, and family ?

The first step when attempting to influence the way people act is to understand why they are currently acting that way

3 parts to human behavior

1. Antecedent something that comes from a behavior that sets the stage for the behavior or signals it to occur

2. Behavior What a person does

3. Consequences what happens to the performer as a result of the behavior

Once you analyze their performance in terms of antecedent-behavior-cinsequences you will be able to develop a solution to performance problems you may have never attempted before .

Example :

Gas gauge says empty- fill your tank- continue trip with or running out of gas


Think of a situation you may be dealing with right now at work , business, in your team , at home ?

Identify behavior :

What behaviors are occurring in that individual or group and what is causing them to act that way ?

Consequences or positive reinforcement:

Are there consequences being enforced ?

Is there positive reinforcement being applied when something good is being done ?

It is not your job as a leader or a manager to understand what is going on in the persons exactly because you can never really know but it is your job to identify the behavior and find ways or new approaches to get the negative behavior to stop or to reinforce the positive behavior to continue .

Working with my team when I first started out I did not understand how to work with people and I had a recurring situation at a business I was running at the time where a certain employee would come in late everyday .

This employee was an excellent worker and went above and beyond at work but would always show up habitually 15-30 min late for work .

As a result of this I decided to adjust the employees schedule so they could start a half hour later and stay a half hour after then usual which was no big deal for the bar business as we generally didn’t close until 4 am .

What do you think happened ?

The employee still came late !!! I was shocked and angry and I actually took it personally that they were taking full advantage of me .

After some choice words on my part in the mirror to myself I calmed down and took a step back to analyze the situation .

I didn’t know what I was doing at the time but I started to try to think from their pov even though I had no way of knowing exactly .

So I adjusted the consequences for the negative behavior .

Instead of adjusting their schedule to accommodate their bad behavior I started a 3 strikes your out policy for all employees .

1st time write up

2nd time write up

3rd time you are out !

Unfortunately this didn’t change their behavior either and they still showed up late so they were eventually terminated .

“To know what people really think, pay regard to what they do, rather than what they say.

René Descartes”

“The wolf changes his coat but not his disposition.”

You want to grow ?

You want more money , more people, more business , more freedom, and a better more secure future for you and your loved ones ?

Then Become obsessed with talking to people , become a fanatic about observation, record yourself , take videos , and be conscious of what you are doing and how you are acting until you start to do those things automatically.

I challenge you to talk to 5 people today about your business or company or just to check in with them and ask how they are .

This could be a part client or someone you tried to recruit into your business that you never followed up with

The more you do this the more you will learn about human behavior and be able to predict the outcome of any situation .

How fast do you want to achieve your goals and how far do you want to go ?  Ask yourself that question now and then make the plan based on what you now know about human behavior and take massive action .

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